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Google Pixel A-Series

The newer and more affordable Google Pixel Buds A-Series

If you ever found the earlier Google Pixel Buds (2nd Gen) to be a little too pricey, Google has the next best thing for you – the Google Pixel Buds A-Series that is now available in Singapore.

Google Pixel A-Series
Google Pixel A-Series

In this review, we will be sharing our experience with this new pair of wireless earbuds from Google that costs just S$149.

A quick rundown

Bluetooth Version 5.0, supports AAC and SBC codec
Battery Life and Capacity Up to 5 hours, with up to 24 hours with charging case
Weight 5.06g each, 52.9 g with case
Water Resistance IPX4
Driver Specs 12mm dynamic driver
Sensors and integrated controls Motion-detecting accelerometer

Ear detection IR sensor

Capacitive touch controls for music, calls and Assistant controls

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) No

What’s included in the box

The package comes with the earbuds themselves, three sizes of sturdy replacement rubber ear tips, a matte-finish charging case and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable.

In touch with modern trends

Automatic Pairing
Automatic Pairing

Utilising Bluetooth 5.0, users holding onto Android 6.0+ phones will have the ability to Fast Pair. Keeping up with the industry standard, a pairing request will automatically pop up on the screen as soon as the charging lid is opened.

With IPX4 moisture resistance and verbal prompts (with spoken notification option), you can expect the new Pixel Buds A-Series to be a capable sports companion to assist its users in staying connected with the outside world.

Adequate audio quality

Google Pixel A-Series Case and Earbuds
Google Pixel A-Series Case and Earbuds

With a custom-designed 12mm dynamic driver, the Pixel Buds A-Series produces a well-balanced sound with moderate bass – which can be improved through correctly-sized rubber ear tips or boosting the EQ levels in the settings.

The built-in microphone is also not a letdown – not only is it able to capture your voice clearly while having a call, but it is also capable of real-time translation in a number of spoken languages.

In fact, we recorded a short audio snippet to demonstrate the microphone quality on the Google Pixel Buds A-Series:


Compared to other regular Bluetooth devices, you will get access to a much more advanced menu in the settings of the new Pixel Buds A-Series. Some provided options include toggling in-ear detection, EQ settings and much more.

What could be better

Compared to the earlier Pixel Buds (2nd Gen), this model loses the ability to toggle sound levels through gesture controls and charge the device wirelessly. Conversely, users can choose to adjust the volume by speaking to Google Assistant via the embedded microphone or simply adjust it through the host device.

Availability and Pricing

Google Pixel A-Series Earbuds in case
Google Pixel A-Series Earbuds in case

The Pixel Buds A-series is already available through the Google Store in Singapore. It comes in Clearly White at a retail price of S$149.

Compared to the more expensive Google Pixel Buds (2nd Gen), this iteration might be a worthy purchase without the wireless charging capability and volume adjustment using gestures.

Regardless of the tradeoffs, you are still entitled to the well-made quality and brand reliability commonly associated with Google products.

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