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Google Pixel 8a – covering the essentials with a longer lifespan runway

Adopting experiences and feedback from their previous Pixel 7a, the Pixel 8a has made several bold improvements which caught our attention once again.

We strongly believe that the Pixel 8a continues to bridge the gap between an entry-level device and the flagship variants – evident through the pledged 7 years of updates that this variant will receive.

Altered aesthetics – in a good way

Google Pixel 8a Rear Aesthetics
Google Pixel 8a Rear Aesthetics

Whilst embracing a polycarbonate back to make the device more affordable,  the device now adopts rounded corners just like its flagship siblings. This makes the phone feel more ergonomic in the hand – intelligently disguising the fact that this device consists of at least 24% recycled materials.

Minor (but highly noticeable) spec bumps

Starting at an 8GB (RAM) + 128GB (storage) configuration, prospective buyers will also have the 256GB storage option for those with chronic storage anxiety.

We quickly realised the substantial benefits the brighter display brings – peaking at 2,000 nits for improved visibility under the sun. The bump in refresh rate (from 90Hz to 120Hz) aligns with that of its premium variants (Pixel 8 and 8 Pro) – producing a significantly smoother scrolling experience.

From the perspective of camera specifications alone, the Pixel 8a brings about a relatively high 64MP + 13MP camera combo at the rear and 13MP on the front – higher than that of the Pixel 8. Delving into the other details, the Pixel 8 utilises a wider aperture (for the rear setup) which would result in brighter photographs in low-light environments.

While still boasting a full-day battery life, we were anticipating higher charging power, which unfortunately did not come through on the new device – 18W wired charging and 7.5W wireless charging.

Tensor G3 – inheriting flagship features

As briefly mentioned in our earlier article, the Google Pixel 8a will receive all the splendid AI features found on the Pixel 8, which includes (but not limited to) Best Take, Magic Editor, Audio Magic Eraser and Circle to Search.

In conjunction with the latest Google I/O where the company highlighted multiple features such as Gemini on Android, customers of the Pixel 8a can expect their devices to maximise these features to elevate their productivity and creativity to new heights.

Features that impressed us

Google Pixel 8a eSIM Capabilities
Google Pixel 8a eSIM Capabilities

After years of improvements and revisions, this iteration of the Pixel 8a seems to introduce the seamless eSIM migration between devices. Eligibility seems to largely depend on the telco company’s policy – some of which allow their customers to convert their physical SIM card to an eSIM onto the Pixel 8a.

Given the superior features promised on the Google Tensor G3 (and more to come over the years) we were impressed by the 7 year update this device would receive.

Availability and Pricing

The Google Pixel 8a is now retailing for S$799 in Singapore and is available in 3 colours – Bay, Obsidian and Porcelain. This is an increase of S$50 from the previous Pixel 7a (which was priced at S$749).

At the time of this writing, the 256GB variant is only available in Obsidian, priced at S$899. The device is available online and in stores via the Google Store, Amazon SG, Courts Online, Challenger Online, and Shopee.

Any purchase of the Pixel 8a will come S$150 worth of Google Store credits – which is available for 1 year of receipt.

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