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Google phones since Nexus One

My experience with every Google phone since Nexus One

Since the Google Nexus One was released in January 2010, I have been using almost every Google smartphone ever since. Find out more about my journey through each smartphone and feel free to leave us any questions in the comment section down below. Did I mention that most of the Google phones featured in this video were not officially sold in Singapore?

List of Google smartphones:
1. Nexus One – Jan 2010
2. Nexus S – Dec 2010
3. Galaxy Nexus – Nov 2011
4. Nexus 4 – Nov 2012
5. Nexus 5 – Oct 2013
6. Nexus 6 – Oct 2014
7. Nexus 5X & 6P – Sep 2015
8. Pixel – Oct 2016
9. Pixel 2 & XL – Oct 2017
10. Pixel 3 & XL – Oct 2018

Google phones since Nexus One
Google phones since Nexus One

If you haven’t caught our full review of the Google Pixel 3 XL:

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