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Google Pay: Overseas Transfer

You can now send and receive money overseas via Google Pay

Google Pay has just introduced an international transfer feature for its iOS and Android users, enabling transfer between local and overseas accounts such as that from India and the US. This convenient feature is established through Western Union and Wise, part of the top 5 remittance services globally.

This comes after a Mastercard study from last year revealing that 38% of people surveyed reported greater involvement in international payments. Through this partnership, Google aims to establish a fast, simple and secure way to transfer funds to your family and friends even if they are overseas.

Widely accepted across many countries

Other than the target user base which includes Singapore and India, users can send money to more than 200 countries and territories through Western Union and to more than 80 countries through Wise.

Free transfers with Google Pay

Google Pay: Western Union and Wise
Google Pay: Western Union and Wise


Up till 16 June 2021, Western Union will waive transfer fees on all transactions made with Google Pay, while Wise will waive the fees for new customers on transfers up to S$500. Similar to how to go about local payments, simply search for the intended Google Pay user, tap “Pay” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Our world is getting more interconnected, and it is critical that our payment flows evolve to reflect the cross-border nature of our day-to-day transactions. With remittance flows in Southeast Asia poised to reach US$35 billion by 2025, this new integration with Western Union and Wise on Google Pay provides a convenient and secure solution to help users connect with and pay family, friends and businesses in Singapore. We look forward to expanding this feature to more users to make payments easier, and the world that much smaller.Patrick Teo, Engineering Director for Payments

New to Google Pay?

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