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Verbatim 20,000 mAh Power Pack Cover Image

Verbatim 100W Power Pack: charging your laptop on the go

With a capacity of 20,000mAh whilst supporting 100W and QC 3.0, the Verbatim Power Pack gives off the impression of holding a large capacity with universally fast charging speeds.

Under this impression, we believe that this product could be a compelling option for users needing to stay away from the outlet for extended periods.

First impressions and dimensions

The Verbatim Power Pack weighs in at 374g and measures 141.9 x 82.1 x 26.8mm – weighing slightly more than two iPhone 14s. Putting into perspective, the Apple 61W USB-C Power Adapter weighs about 192 grams (6.8oz) and the Apple 96W USB-C Power Adapter weighs about 365 grams.

In terms of size, the portable charger is slightly broader than three iPhone 14s stacked atop of each other. The textured plastic on the case feels grippy with the band – albeit a huge contrast compared to the aluminum enclosure on MacBooks.

Charging speed

Rated at 100W PD and QC 3.0, the power pack is able to charge 3 devices simultaneously. Using the portable charger alongside our MacBook yielded the same charging speed as the original MacBook charger (rated at 67W).

When charging QC-compatible devices, the portable charger was also able to recognise the charging standards of the connected devices and adapt the charging speed accordingly. That being said, with the max total output across multiple ports capped at 25W, charging speeds can take a big blow – considering a QC3.0 device could max out at 36W.

Charger used to charge the Power Pack and comparison
Charger used to charge the Power Pack and comparison

According to official documentation, the said power pack supports up to 65W PD input for shortened charging time. It took 2:50h to charge the power pack to its full capacity – charging speed may vary according to the power output of the type-c charger and the wire. Taking into consideration the rated capacity, we believe that the charging time is still justifiable.

Charging capacity

The device used to gauge its charging capacity is the MacBook Pro (13 Inch) which contains a battery capacity of 4359mAh. When the Verbatim’s Power Pack is used to charge the device, it only managed to charge 87% before draining completely.

Whilst we understand that the labelled charge capacity tends to be larger than the actual capacity, we were taken aback that the Power Pack was unable to provide a full charge on a device of only 4359mAh.

Although not an apt comparison, several manufacturers have pointed out the estimated actual capacity of the charging peripheral – for consumers to have an accurate grasp on its charging capabilities. Combing through product brochures and literature did not indicate the estimated actual charging capacity.

Availability and Pricing

The Verbatim 20000mAh 100W PD & QC 3.0 Power Pack is available on Verbatim’s Shopee Online store, retailing at the price of S$169. Despite its limited charging capacity (which was less than half of the rated capacity), the said power pack is one of the scarce options to offer 100W PD.

To add on, it comes from a reputable manufacturer with multiple safety standards and warranty assurance – something that smaller OEMs might not be able to fulfill.

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