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BenQ EX3203R

Gaming on a HUGE 31.5-inch curved HDR monitor with 144Hz from BenQ

31.5-inch may sound small for a TV screen, but it is huge for a desktop setup – especially if it is going to be for a PC gaming build. BenQ recently let us try their new EX3203R and we were properly impressed. Once you start using a 144Hz HDR screen, you’ll never see a casual 60Hz screen the same way ever again! Check out our full review to find out more!

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B.I.+ Technology

This BenQ monitor even as an added trick up its sleeve. B.I.+ Technology (a.k.a. Brightness Intelligence Plus) allows the monitor to detect ambient light levels and the colour temperature in your viewing environment.

It automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and colour temperature to fit your surroundings. With this feature, you will no longer have to adjust any settings on the monitor ever again. The EX3203R will automatically adjust brightness and colour temperature to give you the best HDR experience.

Compared to other HDR monitor brands, changing the brightness/contrast settings might actually hinder your experience if not set correctly. B.I.+ Technology simply helps you to take out the guesswork!

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