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Insta360 One X

Why a 360 camera is so awesome

Insta360 has kindly invited us over to their booth at the IT Show this March 2019 to try out the Insta360 One X. This being a 360-degree camera also means that you don’t have to point exactly at where you want to shoot because the camera already captures every single direction! Check out our experience with this 360 camera in this video.

This video is part of our new EXP Series where we let viewers experience technology the way that it was meant to be. It was shot in a fun and interactive style so let us know what you think of this new series!

CORRECTION: The Insta360 One X can last up to 50 minutes on a single charge.


Aperture: F2.0
Photo resolution: 18 MP (6080*3040)
Video resolution: 5760*[email protected], 3840*[email protected], 3840*[email protected], 3008*[email protected]
Stabilization: Built-in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization

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