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Devialet Phantom Reactor

Here’s how a S$2,390 wireless speaker sounds like

Devialet has kindly sent us the Phantom Reactor 900 to try out and we were just blown away by its sound. Do not be quick to judge the small form factor of the Reactor – it is powerful, really powerful! Check out our full review for more information.


You can connect to your Phantom Reactor in a variety of ways. It supports WiFi, LAN, Bluetooth and a 3.5mm input.

Digital Signal Processing

During our testing, we did notice a slight delay in audio when connected through the 3.5mm auxiliary input. This only is only a concern if you are watching videos with the Phantom Reactor. Your music experience is unaffected. We have contacted Devialet and have confirmed that there exists a ~200ms “buffer” by default. This buffer time can be reduced to 60ms by activating the AV-sync mode in the Devialet app. We have attached the following statement from a representative at Devialet:

When sending a signal to a device (here the Reactor), there is usually something we call a “buffer” that acts like a protection to let your device process the information. This avoids any potential cuts in the sound from occuring. This latency is fixed around 200ms by default on the Reactor.

But for video, you need the lips to be in sync as much as possible to the audio. The best way to do that is to put a latency on the image. This is to retain the buffer on the audio device while still having a smooth experience. Or you can reduce the buffer by activating the AV-sync mode on the Reactor. But by doing that, you reduce the stability of the Reactor.

Activating the AV-sync mode reduces the buffer to 60ms – still a bit high but acceptable.

TLDR; The audio quality itself is not changed. Only the stability, so overall the experience might be only marginally weakened.

Availability and Pricing

The Devialet Phantom Reactor is now available across Devialet stores around Singapore.

Phantom Reactor 600 – SGD$1,890
Phantom Reactor 900 – SGD$2,390.

More information:

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