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Lenovo CO2 Offset Service Website

Offset your company’s carbon footprint with Lenovo

Lenovo CO2 Offset Service Website
Lenovo CO2 Offset Service Website

Lenovo has recently launched its Lenovo CO2 Offset Services in Singapore. This offers businesses the ability to compensate for the environmental impact of operations with its CO2 Offset Services.

The program was first launched as a pilot in the Nordics and has now been rolled out across the Asia Pacific region.

What is CO2 Offset?

Lenovo customers can now choose to offset their carbon footprint at the point of purchase.

How it works

Lenovo offers a seamless process to reduce your business’s environmental impact:

  1. Choose your CO2 offset option from selected United Nations approved eco-friendly projects when ordering Lenovo eligible devices.
  2. Once products are shipped, Lenovo reports to its official CO2 offset partner.
  3. Lenovo’s CO2 offset partner will issue your organization a unique certificate with a specific hardware serial number.

The CO2 offset service factors in emissions produced by the manufacture and shipping of a product, and accounts for an estimated five years of usage.

This offers a tailored approach to CO2 compensation by directly linking the offset of emissions to all products purchased.


Initiatives in Asia Pacific include:

  • A biomass energy project that generates electricity using a sugar mill
  • A wind energy project that generates clean renewable energy
  • A project offering disposal in a safe and clean manner that generates renewable energy and reduces greenhouse gases

Forestation and forest conservation are also areas that Lenovo is looking into for the future.


To date, more than 26,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents have been offset by Lenovo’s customers globally. This is the equivalent of emissions produced by 1.7 million miles of air travel.

Unique Opportunity for Consumers

The service is believed to be one of the first initiatives of its kind that seeks to meet customers’ desire for eco-transparency in their purchases.

By drawing a clear line from purchase to the number of metric tonnes offset, it links cause and effect directly – making it easy for consumers to understand the ecological impact and lifetime usage of a product.

Case Study

Lenovo worked with the insurance company LVM Versicherung, based in Germany, to supply 4,000 new ThinkPad X1 Yoga laptops and 4,500 ThinkVision P27h-20 monitors through Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Services.

The order was also delivered from one of Lenovo’s manufacturing sites in China via train instead of an airplane. This further reduced carbon emissions from shipping.

The service enabled LVM Versicherung to meet its green targets and reinforced its commitment to the wider sustainability ethos.

Past Purchases

Corporate customers may retrospectively offset purchases made within the last three years. However, this is subject to the availability of data.

Climate Action

The CO2 Offset Service was created in collaboration with the UN Climate Change task force under the Climate Neutral Now Initiative, to raise awareness and encourage the use of carbon markets to accelerate climate actions.

Lenovo has a long track record in addressing environmental issues through science-based targets. Targets include a 50 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Consumer awareness about the issue of climate change is at an all-time high. Be sure to be an early adopter in offsetting your company’s carbon footprint by utilizing the Lenovo CO2 Offset Service.

For more information about the Lenovo CO2 Offset Service, visit the official webpage..

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