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Google Data Protection Features

Google announces new data protection features!

Throughout the years, Google has been working hard to maintain our trust by processing our data in a secure and reliable environment. Privacy is of the utmost importance. Recently, Google released a few new interesting features.

Proactive protection with high-visibility security alerts

Time is essential when it comes to cybersecurity. Have you ever encountered your account being compromised only to find out after a few days through email/phone alert?

Fret not! With this new feature, anytime Google detects any serious security issues with your Google Account, they will automatically alert you within the Google app you are using and help you to address it.

Easier access to privacy and security settings in Search

We’ve all heard of this phrase: “If you don’t know anything, just Google it”. It is the lingo that teachers use on their students when they need to find answers to their questions. Google’s search engine is the starting point for many questions.

With that, starting today Google will display your personal security and privacy settings when you ask questions like “is my Google Account secure?”

Easier save or delete places directly in Timeline

Our memory is so fascinating. You will never be able to forget the time you humiliated yourself in front of the whole class in school but probably can’t remember what you had for dinner yesterday. Your Google Maps can remember everywhere you go, but what if you want to remove certain locations?

To make it easier to control your privacy, you’ll be able to directly edit your Location History data in your Google Map Timeline by adding or editing places you have visited with just a few clicks!

On device processing for Gboard

With technology centering around protecting your privacy. Google has an important mission to provide effortless input on Android to empower users to communicate accurately and express themselves with ease.

In order to accomplish this mission, Gboard must also protect users’ private and sensitive data. Google has combined differential privacy and federating learning, a technique invented at Google, that predicts the next word in Gboard.

In Android 11, they have now generated Smart Replies, including emoji recommendations, from on-device system intelligence, meaning our data is never shared with Gboard or Google.

In summary, our society is now more reliant on technology than ever before. Ensuring your online safety is important because it ensures everything that concerns protecting our sensitive data and personal information stays away from criminals.

Google’s extensive effort to safeguard our privacy and data helps make the internet safer for everyone. Learn more at this link:

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