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Verbatim 1080P Autofocus Webcam

Verbatim offers a range of accessories to empower us during work from home

As we continue to embrace WFH (even after the restrictions are set to be lifted), it is important to have a well-equipped workspace for us to channel our ideas and motivations effectively to get work done.

Verbatim has a wide range of accessories, designed to empower you through your WFH lifestyle, regardless of whether you are a laptop or desktop user.

1080P (30FPS) Full HD Webcam

Even in 2021, many devices such as laptops still come with sub-standard webcams, with only several selected models equipped with 1080P cameras. Many desktops do not even include a webcam to begin with.

Whether you belong to the first or second group, having a 1080p Full HD Webcam from Verbatim will be a huge upgrade. The webcam comes in 2 variants – one with autofocus from 7cm onwards and the other without. Both models support exposure correction for varying light conditions and an in-built microphone for clear voice delivery.

Multimedia Headset with Mic & Volume Control

Headsets with microphones are the ideal solution if you are deprived of a quiet environment. Verbatim’s offering comes in 2 options – one with the 3.5mm audio jack and the other with USB connectivity. The former will be compatible with all your multimedia devices while the latter will provide added features such as the mute function.

Both units feature high-quality drivers for great bass reproduction, with soft foam ear cushions and adjustable headbands for added comfort during extended conversations. The microphone is connected by a malleable wire for positioning it near your mouth to reduce any background noise from your surroundings.

Keyboard & Mouse Combo

If you prefer a full keyboard experience or looking to replace your current keyboard, consider the options from Verbatim, which range from a single wired keyboard to keyboard and mouse combos which are either wired or wireless.

All keyboards contain 104 keys with full-sized function keys to increase efficiency at work. Kickstands located under the keyboard enhances the ergonomics for extended use. Mouse included in the combo also features 2 to 3 (for wireless models) adjustable DPI controls to fine-tune the tracking speed.

4-in-1 USB Hub with Type C Adaptor

As the industry transitions towards a universal USB Type-C standard, traditional physical ports are still needed in this journey. Depending on your usage scenario and laptop design, you may need a simple adaptor to obtain more USB Type-A ports or a more complete adapter that offers Display output ports or SD card slots.

Regardless of which spectrum you belong to, Verbatim’s wide range of offerings is sure to ft into your relevant needs. For starters, they offer 4-in-1 USB Hubs with USB Type-C support and it goes up to offering dual USB Type-C adapters with support for charging and ethernet.

Availability and Pricing

Products listed in this article are available via online platforms such as Shopee and Lazada, and via physical retailers such as Challenger.

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