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Microsoft Windows 365

Windows 365 – The future of computing?

Akin to Microsoft Office 365, users of Windows 365 can gain access to their desktop programs and files via a subscription-based cloud computing model.

Microsoft Windows 365
Microsoft Windows 365

In the age of remote working where devices and its data are being shuffled around frequently, the subscription model seems like an ideal solution to boost productivity – if you forgo the high pricing and performance yield.

Basic package is costly and likely insufficient

At a starting price of US$20 for a single SKU, you will only be granted a single vCPU (Virtual CPU) running on the Azure Cloud with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of OneDrive cloud storage.

For reference, the minimum recommended specifications found on a computer is 4GB RAM with a dual-core processor.

For anyone who requires more performance (basically everyone), the monthly subscription can quickly rise up to US$163.

Running Windows on your iPad

Most users intending to run Windows on your iPad might consider using remote desktop softwares such as TeamViewer. That way, a user is similarly able to remotely work on their own Windows or Mac computer via an iPad (or any other tablet) over an internet connection.

Only for users who do not own a computer will appreciate the convenience of Windows 365.

Totally pickup from where you left off

Despite numerous improvements in cloud storage to create a seamless computing experience, many are unable to replicate customised features such as personalized shortcuts and settings.

Having the operating system run directly off the cloud will guarantee that all the user preferences will be saved and restored whenever necessary, creating a truly seamless experience across devices.

Easy system recovery

Anyone who is familiar with computers can self-diagnose problems whenever they occur. However,  the casual computer user might still need to engage a specialist to do the job.

For the latter, Windows 365 may offer a greater peace of mind with easy system recovery whenever the cloud computer might be down for whatever reason.

Latency still matters

Latency on internet-based services is still a big concern for anyone dealing with real-time work, despite constant efforts to improve the situation.

In this case for Windows 365, users who are dealing with graphic-intensive tasks such as video editing might still gravitate towards a local system to handle the workload.

Windows 365 might not suit everyday customers

Windows 365 is certainly a welcomed addition, in a time of remote working and increased use of portable devices. It also shows us a glimpse of how computers might work in the future.

With a starting price of US$20 for an underpowered setup and up to US$163, it might still be more economical for consumers to consider an alternative solution such as opting for a lightweight laptop.

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