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realme launches its first 108MP camera

The upcoming realme 8 series smartphone combines improved cameras and algorithms to compete with flagship devices

realme 8 series camera Innovations
realme 8 series camera Innovations

Looking for a smartphone with an industry-leading camera without the “Ultra” pricing? The upcoming realme 8 series smartphones may be an option worth considering for anyone who wishes to level up their smartphone photography game, with several new innovations in the industry.

Partnering Algorithms With Superb Hardware

Donned with a 108MP camera, identical to the one found on the latest Samsung flagship, the realme 8 smartphone, theoretically, already wins half the battle in smartphone photography. Based on a larger sensor size of 1/1.52” with support for 9-in-1 pixel binning, ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO technology, the new product promises improved image quality in varying lighting conditions. The implementation of a clarity enhancing algorithm raises the standards even further.

realme 8 series in-sensor zoom
realme 8 series in-sensor zoom

By capturing eight 12MP photos in a row to enhance photography details, the company assures sharper results for 3x zoom photos, which can be processed faster with the aid of algorithms. Similarly, the algorithms further enhance the exposure of the photo, leaving users with a well-balanced, vivid and detailed photograph.

Matching Up With Industry Trends

realme 8 series tilt-shift time-lapse
realme 8 series tilt-shift time-lapse

With smartphones gradually infiltrating the photography and videography scene, realme have introduced the world’ first tilt-shift and starry time-lapse video feature with the aim to compete with professional equipment.

Adopting a similar approach commonly done by professionals, which involves synthesising and combining multiple clips using a computer, an exclusive time-lapse video algorithm can take 480s to shoot 30 photos which will generate a 1s starry time-lapse video, without the need of a professional desktop editing software.

The same can be said for tilt-shift photography on the realme 8. Previously only achievable with the aid of expensive lenses, selective focus is now available with high customizability on shape, angle, position and size of the bokeh (focus on selective objects) effect, or choose from three iconic filters – neon portrait, dynamic bokeh portrait or AI colour portrait. For the first time in the smartphone industry, users can look forward to combining both effects, creating a tilt-shift time-lapse video to impress your social media followers.

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