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Apple WWDC 2021 iCloud

Apple brings major updates to iCloud with emphasis on privacy and backup ease

Apple has recently announced 4 new major features to iCloud, making this the biggest revision in a while. These features emphasise on added privacy and easier data transfers. However, it is important to note that some features are only available for iCloud+ users, subscribers of iCloud paid plans.

Privacy Relay

When browsing the web through Safari as an iCloud+ user, Privacy Relay acts similar to a VPN, running all network traffic through two separated internet relay, ensuring that no third-party entity will have access to the data sent or received through the browser.

Hide My Mail

When receiving private emails, the Hide My Mail feature generates a unique and randomised email address to be used, rather than using your actual email. This can also be useful for preventing unwanted inbox clutter such as marketing or newsletter emails. This feature is exclusively part of iCloud+, so you would have to purchase iCloud’s paid plans to enjoy this feature.

HomeKit Secure Video

If you are currently using security cameras that are synced through the Apple HomeKit interface, future videos recordings will not be counted into iCloud’s storage capacity. Instead, such footage will be accessible via end-to-end encrypted storage. To access this feature, you would also have to purchase iCloud’s paid plans.

Temporary iCloud boosters – for free

Regardless of whether you have access to iCloud+, Apple will offer unrestricted storage for users to create a full backup of their phone, for up to 3 weeks. Users can backup their apps, data and settings so that they can be transferred seamlessly to new iPhones within the 3 weeks timeframe.

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