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Adobe Premiere Pro Beta on Apple M1 MacBook Pro

Adobe Creative Cloud apps now run faster than ever before on Apple Silicon devices

Adobe has introduced numerous updates for its Creative Cloud apps to better utilise the high performance of the new Apple M1 chips found in the latest iMacs and MacBooks as Apple continues to make huge advances in chip technology.

Statistics from Pfeiffer Report indicates a huge leap in performance for several statistics, with some achieving close to double speeds. For testing purposes, an Intel i5 MacBook Pro is compared to its direct successor with an Apple M1 chip, with identical RAM and SSD configurations.

Adobe Illustrator

Benchmark Improvement (%)
Average 65
Scrolling Performance (complex vector drawing) 390
Open file with 31 complex artboards 119

Through the improvements, Illustrator took less than six seconds at best to complete the test, compared to thirty seconds on the Intel Mac. Adobe Illustrator on the iPad will also come with features such as Enhanced Illustration capabilities and Rotate Canvas to give users more control over their artwork and interface.

Adobe InDesign

Benchmark Improvement (%)
Average 59
Open graphics-heavy file – CPU 185
Scrolling 100 page book project – GPU 78

On the M1 Mac running Photoshop, it took 36 seconds to complete a task that would require over a minute to be done on the Intel Mac.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Beta on Apple M1 MacBook Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro Beta on Apple M1 MacBook Pro
Benchmark Improvement from Intel to Apple M1(%)
Average 78
Scene Edit Detection – 4K 430
Import XAVC S 4K 100p 187

At the time of this writing, Premiere Pro for M1 Macs is currently in public beta and will be available soon. For now, the software runs on Rosetta 2, Apple’s solution to emulate x86 software.

Lightroom (Classic)

Benchmark Improvement (%)
Average 116
Apply settings 347
Super Resolution 279

The classic version of Lightroom runs natively on Apple M1 devices, without the need for Rosetta 2 to emulate the processes. Lightroom will also receive collaborative editing functionalities and Premium Presets that makes it easier to achieve cinematic effects.


Benchmark Improvement (%)
Average 89
Content Aware Fill 200
Select Subject 156

On Photoshop Express which is mainly available on mobile devices, there are now tools specifically designed for face and selfie retouching, including skin smoothing, content aware healing, face aware liquify and caricature.

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