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KZ ZS10 with Comply Tips

The affordable KZ ZS10 in-ear monitor for just SGD58

If you are new to this, in-ear monitors (IEMs) are like earbuds that are commonly used by musicians to listen to their mix on stage when performing live. Therefore, these monitors are designed to provide comfort and a high level of noise isolation.

You don’t necessarily have to be a musician or audio engineer to own a pair of these IEMs. It’ll work fairly well on your smartphone or laptop’s headphone jack although getting a dedicated DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) might improve performance. The attractive price point of about SGD50 already makes it a good chance to get one and try.

The KZ ZS10 features one dynamic driver and four balanced armature drivers (Wikipedia: Balanced Armature). Inside the box, you will find 3 sets of earbud tips and a stock copper-plated braided cable that has a memory wire above your ear to give a secured fit.

Using the KZ ZS10 for a couple of days, we find that it is capable of producing impressive lows but some might even say it overpowers the vocals on the track. Nevertheless, we are definitely satisfied with the overall experience considering the affordable price tag. In terms of possible improvements, we just thought the memory wire could be made more rigid.

Customise it

This best part about IEMs are that you can customise it according to your preference. Since the KZ ZS10 uses a 2-pin 0.75mm connector (on the earbud), you can always replace the stock cable to something of your choice. This includes getting a Bluetooth receiver to make these IEMs wireless. Just make sure the receiver has a cable that uses same pin connector as mentioned.

We also recommend getting some inexpensive comply foam tips such as the one we have here ordered from Amazon. They come in three pairs so you can make a shared purchase with your friends or family. These comply tips help to further isolate background noise so you can enjoy your music. (Disclaimer: Please be cautious of your surroundings especially when crossing the road. These tips really dampens external sound.) These comply foam tips may even help to reduce any sound leakage if you are afraid of disturbing people around you from your loud music.

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