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Top 10 YouTube Ads Singapore H1 2019

These YouTube Ads caught the most attention from Singaporeans

Marketing department – do take note!

Over 85% of all Singaporeans visit YouTube monthly, according to the Global Web Index, Singapore, April 2019. As such, brands and agencies are fully invested in adopting videos as their preferred medium to capture the attention of viewers.

YouTube Ads

Google has just shared with us its YouTube Ads Leaderboard for the first half of 2019, which showcases a list of the top 10 performing video ads that best-captured Singaporeans from January to June.

This half-yearly list demonstrates the creativity displayed by brands and agencies, and the success of these ad campaigns through experimentations with video formats in dynamic ways.

The top-performing advertisement belongs to Apple which was uploaded 27 January 2019 in light of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Interesting fact – it was shot on the iPhone XS! Here’s the full video:

Interesting findings

Tapping on the festivities to capture hearts

Telling emotional stories in tune with the aspirations and beliefs during the celebrations proved to be a recipe for success, as shown by Apple’s cinematic Lunar New Year ad which shot to the top of the leaderboard. The value of keeping strong familial ties during the Holy Month of Ramadan was also illustrated through the Public Utilities Board’s tear-jerker, Kinship (#4) and GovSingapore’s Hari Raya with #HafandHaf (#10).

Audiences are paying more attention than before

Contrary to the belief that audiences have reduced attention span, 80% of the leaderboard actually comprises of ads that crossed the 90-second mark. This includes the new subject-based banding by the Ministry of Education (#8), The Learning Lab’s moving stories of a child’s life beyond grades (#7) and the Public Hygiene Council’s methods to ‘spark joy’ in a hawker centre (#9). Duration is no longer a limiting factor for content, but brands have to stay creative and authentic to keep viewers tuned in.

At The Learning Lab, we’ve always believed that our ultimate purpose as educators is to impart on our students the lessons that strengthen their character. These are the lessons they will remember.

For Tests, we wanted to tell stories that acknowledge the very real challenges every child goes through, and it isn’t just from trying to get good grades. Every child has had to face situations where their mettle is put to the test, whether it’s from learning to be resilient, to be brave, or to be confident in who they are. We captured these moments through our video by focusing on the little details, like the deep breaths taken before a presentation, or the glint of determination in the eye. All-natural lighting, no scripts. We wanted our message to reach as much of our target audience as possible: parents with children at a schooling age, and in terms of maximizing our reach, YouTube is the unparalleled option.Eleanor Tan, Director, Marketing & Communications, The Learning Lab

The Merdeka Sayang music video features iconic Merdeka Generation personalities such as Dick Lee and Rahimah Rahim to convey the pride of their generation and their contributions in shaping Singapore’s progress. Meanwhile, our HafandHaf video is a light-hearted take on Hari Raya family gatherings, where conversations on marriage and parenthood often take place. We are heartened that both videos, with their different styles and treatments, have been well-received by Singaporeans. We will continue producing fresh, engaging and relevant content that brings across useful government information to Singaporeans.Ms Soffy Hariyanti, Director, Campaigns & Production Department, MCI

Full List of Top 10 Performing YouTube Ads

  1. [Apple] Chinese New Year – The Bucket
  2. [GovSingapore] Merdeka Sayang Full MV
  3. [CPF Board] What happens to my CPF savings when I turn 55?
  4. [sgPUB] Kinship – PUB Hari Raya 2019
  5. [Republic of Singapore Navy] Rise With the Tide (Second Warrant Officer Rice Lim)
  6. [Singtel] GOMO Travel SIM
  7. [The Learning Lab] Tests
  8. [Ministry of Education] Explaining Full Subject-Based Banding
  9. [Public Hygiene Council] How to Return your Tray | Mary Chongo
  10. [GovSingapore] Hari Raya with #HafandHaf

Check out the full YouTube Ads Leaderboard playlist here:

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