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M1 hops on the 5G bandwagon along with Starhub and Singtel

From 24th September 2020, M1 Limited (M1) launched its 5G non-standalone network (NSA) which allows its mobile users to have access to 5G benefits such as ultra-low latency and faster speeds. The 5G experience is delivered with just adding a 5G booster pack to their existing mobile plan.

With that, M1 is Singapore’s first and only telco to open up 5G access to all its customers without any limitations on the number of sign up or restrictions on any plans. This means that every customer is able to enjoy the 5G experience as long as they have a 5G compatible phone.

Starting at $15 for 25GB and up to $40 for 100GB, the 5G booster packs will be extended to all M1 customers with compatible 5G NSA devices. Yes – it will be available for all M1 customers! Customers who sign up for the 5G Booster pack before the end of 2020 will enjoy up to 70% discount on the 5G Booster pack for six-months and a year-long free subscription to Viu. Seems like you can start to binge-watch your favourite shows on Viu via the latest 5G network in Singapore!

With the new reality envisioned by the dawn of the 5G era, M1 customers can have a glimpse of this new reality with the 5G Booster pack through a significant increase in network responsiveness, high speed, shorter lag time and up to three times greater download and upload speed. Lag-free mobile gaming, video streaming, cloud applications and more, 5G is here to bring them to you regardless of work or personal.

M1’s 5G NSA network is up and running in Central Business District (CBD), Orchard Road, Suntec City and Marina Bay. Within the next few months, M1 aim to extend the network to additional parts of the city which covers the key town areas of Singapore. Not sure whether you are holding to a 5G NSA supported devices, check it out here!

With that, M1 aims to start the rollout of its 5G standalone (SA) network by early next year, which will be the eventual network standard to be adopted in Singapore by end-2022. The SA network will be more secured and resilient which allows the customers to tap onto the fullest potential of 5G technology and open up a range of applications from cloud gaming to autonomous vehicles and remote surgery.

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