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Street View Imagery of Marina Bay Sands 2018

Google just updated the Street View Imagery of Singapore

Google just released a new and more accurate 360-degree “Street View” imagery of Singapore on Google Maps. This was made possible by its new fleet of Street View cars which have higher quality cameras mounted on them. The team actually drove thousands of kilometres across Singapore over the last four months in order to accomplish this amazing feat.

Check it out some of these examples for yourself!

Marina Bay Sands Imagery (2012)

Marina Bay Sands Imagery (2018)

Tiong Bahru Imagery (2015)

Tiong Bahru Imagery (2018)

Having a better camera with higher resolution will not just produce a smoother and more seamless appearance. Imagery is crucial in creating a more accurate depiction of the world. In fact, two small cameras added below the main camera system could capture things like street names, business and addresses. All these images can then be processed using Deep Neural Network Machine Learning. This technology has already been rolled out in the US and Google is looking to bring it over to other countries as well.

“Since 2009, Singaporeans have been using the panoramic street-level images on Google Maps to navigate and figure out driving directions around the city. Over the years, we’ve continued to improve the experience for our users in Singapore. Last April, we added 30 new special collections of Singapore on Street View including St John Island, Southern Ridges and Punggol Waterway Park. The new imagery is just the latest effort to keep Street View useful for Singaporeans as the cityscape continues to change.”

– Cynthia Wei, Street View Program Manager for Google Asia-Pacific

If you are keen on looking at older street-level imagery from the Street View’s archives, you can do so in the full version of Google Maps. Simply drag the Pegman onto the map. Then, click on the Time icon and use the slider located at the bottom of the page to go further back in time.

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