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Are you ready for 5G?

Starhub has announced that from 18 August 2020 (Tuesday), it has rolled out 5G services to the new Mobile+ and Biz+ mobile plans’ customers. This group of customers are the first in Singapore to experience 5G without extra sign-ups or charges.

With Starhub’s 5G network covering 53% of Singapore’s populated area, it strives to expand to 70% coverage by September 2020. But, what does 5G mean for you?

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation mobile network which brings higher download speeds, better reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability and more uniform user experience across users. According to Starhub, mobile download speeds will range from 100Mbps to 660Mbps, to begin with, and will increase over the coming months. In comparison to the current 4G download speeds provided by StarHub and Singtel which averages around 58Mbps, StarHub’s 5G could provide download speeds that are 20 times faster. Say goodbye to slow download speeds!

What is the cost to have 5G?


StarHub 5G Biz+ Price Plan
StarHub 5G Biz+ Price Plan

Customers who have signed up for Starhub’s Mobile+ plans and owned a 5G enabled phone will enjoy faster 5G speeds as Starhubs taps on current 4G networks to deploy 5G non-standalone networks. This implies that customers are not getting the full 5G experience yet, as nationwide 5G networks are still some way from completion.

Businesses can get access to Starhub’s 5G services by signing up for the telco’s Biz+ plans which comes in two years, SIM-only one year and SIM-only no contract-variants.

For consumers, Starhub’s two-year Mobile+ Plans cost from $65 to $155 monthly, depending on how much mobile data the user needs.

For now, phones that are enabled with 5G are the Huawei P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ 5G. However, more phones will follow suit in the next three months. Customers on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Note 20 5G series will expect 5G software updates from Samsung in phases, while Oppo X2 Pro’s users can expect the same from end-October.

However, with the hefty price tag that comes along with 5G enabled phones, the cost of accessing 5G networks at this point in time is certainly going to be higher.

What is next for Singapore’s 5G networks?

Infocomm Media Development Agency (IMDA) gave the green light to the telcos to move forward with the 5G launch and is working closely with them to ensure a smooth transition to the nationwide networks when it is ready in 2025.

Singtel and a joint venture between M1 and Starhub won the rights to build the 5G networks earlier this year.

M1 is working closely with IMDA to provide customers with early 5G benefits and its networks are ready to be launched.

Singtel on the hand is gearing up for the launch of its 5G commercial services and customers can experience it at their pop-up store in Our Tampines Hub.

With the telcos gearing up for 5G, consumers and businesses are going to benefit from the dawn of the 5G era. However, to achieve full 5G coverage, we all need to have a 5G enabled phone. Stay tuned to us for more reviews on the latest IT gadgets and news.

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