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CES Asia 2019

A sneak peek at CES Asia 2019

CES Asia 2019 will be held from 11th-13th June at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China. Over the 5 years since the event has began its run, it has tripled in size, currently with more than 550 exhibitors and over 20 different product categories, all showcasing new and innovative technology to the masses. Products displayed at CES have always had a captivating effect on all the attendees and this year will definitely not be an exception.

5 key emerging tech trends

There are 5 key emerging tech trends that will be in the limelight at CES Asia 2019, namely, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Vehicle Tech, AR/VR and Startups. These tech trends have been a hot topic in the tech industry and we will undoubtedly be seeing much more future technologies being built upon these trends in the years to come.

5G, or fifth generation cellular network, is the next generation of mobile connectivity, offering faster and more reliable connections for our devices compared to the current 4G technology. 5G is expected to launch across the world by 2020, ensuring the viability of the Internet of Things (IoT) along with technologies such as smart homes, smart businesses and self-driving vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence is an area that has a multitude of applications that include industries such as retail, healthcare, content creation and many more. With a footprint that is up 25% just over the past year, it is definitely an area to keep an eye on.

Vehicle tech trends like autonomous and electric vehicles has piqued the interest of consumers around the world over the past years. At CES Asia 2019, there will be more automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) than any other tech show in Asia, with an additional exhibition hall dedicated solely to showcase vehicle technology.

Exhibitors for AR/VR technologies will also be present to showcase their new innovations. One very interesting product that will be at the show is the Argon Transform by Singapore based company, WHYRE. The Argon Transform is a motorcycle helmet attachment that utilizes AR to give the user a simple dashboard view of a speedometer, a speed limit indicator and built-in GPS navigation. With an 8-hour battery life, it will absolutely be sufficient for the average user, reducing the need for motorcyclists to use their mobile devices while on the road. The price for the Argon Transform is still to be announced.

Startups are also given the chance to showcase their products to the large audience that the show draws. We will definitely be seeing many of these new startups with their new and unique ideas at the show.

CES Asia has an extensive list of exhibitors that cater to each of these 5 key areas. Some familiar exhibitors that you can expect to see at CES Asia include: Bose, Epson, Fossil, Garmin, Honda, Kia, LG, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung and many more.

Conference passes for CES Asia 2019 starts from RMB 1,500 for a one-day conference pass and RMB 2,500 for a full conference pass that lasts the duration of the event. Visit for more details on the event.

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