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OPPO Memory Expansion Technology

Your OPPO smartphone can now have more RAM with this new software update

Ever heard of downloading RAM? It’s now possible (indirectly)

As mobile manufacturers are continuously trying to keep up with programs that require more memory (or RAM), OPPO has announced the release of its new Memory Expansion Technology known as RAM Expansion, for selected smartphones in Singapore.

Users will have the flexibility to adjust the volume of expansion with three adjustment levels. Once enabled, the selected storage space will be converted to virtual RAM when the smartphone restarts.


Through a software update, users of the Reno5 Series, A94 and A74 Series will be able to increase their RAM storage capacity by up to 7GB for the Reno5 Series and 5GB for the A94 and A74 smartphones.

Benefits and how to proceed

With the RAM Expansion technology, users will receive enhanced performance for RAM-intensive games or programs, with a smoother user interface. This might also extend its usability as programs get more intensive in years to come.

To enable this feature on the compatible smartphone, simply go to settings and follow the screenshots shown below.

Availability and Pricing

The software updates, which includes the Memory Expansion Technology, will be available for installation on the following dates.

Smartphone models Availability
OPPO Reno5 5G June 2021
OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G July 2021
OPPO A94 June 2021
OPPO Reno5 Z June 2021
OPPO A74 Currently available

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