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Singapore Bicentennial

Google Doodle commemorates Singapore Bicentennial

If you head over to Google today, the Doodle you see on the search engine honours the 200th anniversary of the founding of modern Singapore. Google launched this special Doodle as the nation kicks off commemorative activities to mark this important historical milestone.

What is the Singapore Bicentennial?

The Bicentennial commemorates Singapore’s journey towards a modern city-state 200 years after the landing of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819, an important turning point in the country’s history. With a slew of events lined up for the occasion, the Singapore Bicentennial Office is encouraging Singaporeans to reflect on the nation’s rich history, from the early days more than 500 years before the arrival of Sir Raffles, to modern-day Singapore.

Singapore has been a wonderful home to our Asia Pacific headquarters since 2007 and we have witnessed its growth as a regional hub for ideas and people from various communities and cultures. The Bicentennial is an important milestone for Singapore and we want to remember this occasion with a special Google Doodle of the iconic Singapore city skyline that represents the modernization of Singapore over the past 700 years. We hope it will help Singaporeans meaningfully reflect on the country’s history, as they use Search to learn and embark on the commemorative activities lined up for the year ahead.

– Stephanie Davis, Country Director for Google Singapore

Singapore is built upon the hard work of generations of Singaporeans from all walks of life who have committed to making this a home worth living in. We are pleased to have our very own Google Doodle commemorate the important milestone and the stories of the people who came before us. We hope that these stories will help Singaporeans connect with our country’s history, and the development of our country into a nation and a people with a unique Singaporean DNA over the centuries.

– Gene Tan, Executive Director, Singapore Bicentennial Office

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