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Google Duo Beta on Android TV

Google’s take for a better work-from-home experience

With the quarantine mode here to stay for quite a while, Google is determined to do bigger things (literally) with new features for their video conferencing programs – Google Meet and Duo.

Bigger display for a zoom-ed in experience

Google Duo Beta on Android TV
Google Duo Beta on Android TV

The main highlight of the new features coming to Google’s offering is the ability to cast video conferencing to the larger screens such as your TV or smart displays. With the bigger displays, you get to mimic the conference room experience, just without the potential for virus transmissions. Imagine being able to see your colleague’s business idea or your classmates’ screen share – it just feels efficient!

After work, it is also easier to catch up with friends and family members with a video call. Be prepared to see funny, interactive moments between family members with a single camera. Just remember not to be tricked into pinching each other’s faces because of how realistic it is.

If you are blessed with Google’s Nest Hub Max at home, joining video calls is just a verbal command away. Simply use the built-in Google Assistant and in no time, you will be able to meet your colleagues or friends that you either love or hate.

Your first home office

Your dreams of having a home office only got easier with the Acer Chromebase and ASUS Remote Meet Kit. Released under Google Meet hardware, the peripherals receive Google Calendar and over-the-air updates which removes clutter from your laptop. With the setup, you are only a touch away from meetings and the latest reminders.

Getting started

For the entry-level user who wishes to start using their TVs as their new conferencing device, all that is needed is simply a smart TV or a smart TV along with a built-in or external USB camera. For TVs without the smart TV capabilities, all you need is a Google Chrome Cast device to be able to jump onto the bandwagon.

Google Meet on Nest Hub Max
Google Meet on Nest Hub Max

For a more sophisticated and fuss-free experience, users can alternatively opt for the Google’ Nest Hub Max and also the Google meet Hardware. With work-from-home being the new normal, it may be a sensible purchase decision to make.

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