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Gmail Redesign

Gmail gets a redesign with a new confidential mode

Google has recently announced a brand new look for Gmail on the web. The changes include major improvements and new features to allow users to work safer, smarter and more efficiently. It focuses on providing users with advanced security measures, functions applying Google’s artificial intelligence and involve more integrations with other G Suite apps.

Try the new Gmail experience now

Simply head to your Gmail Settings (the cog wheel in the top right corner of your inbox) and select “Try the new Gmail”. If you wish to switch back to the old experience, you can always head back to your Gmail Settings and select “Go back to classic Gmail”.

Check out this handy guide from Google for more details:

Accomplishing more from your inbox with easy-to-use tools

  • Click on attachments—like photos—without opening or scrolling through large conversations
  • New snooze button to put off emails that could be looked at a later time
  • Easily access other apps which are often used like Google Calendar, Tasks and Keep

Staying on top of email effortlessly using artificial intelligence in Gmail

  • Nudging, a reminder to follow-up with emails so nothing falls through the cracks amidst busy periods at work
  • Save time with Smart Reply, three suggested responses to choose when replying on the go
  • High-priority notifications to notify you of important messages

Keeping sensitive data secure with new Gmail security features

  • A confidential mode now allows users to remove the option of forwarding, copying, downloading or printing of emails containing sensitive information
  • Set an expiry date for messages containing sensitive information where they will be automatically removed

Learn more at the following blog post from Google:

Article credit: Google

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