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Google Gemini Update – maximising user experience across Android

Many updates were introduced during the Google I/O – the company’s annual developer conference. At a glance, this rollout brings about features across multiple areas of Google’s lineup – to aid with content creation, improved search and enhanced productivity.

Universal upgrade across the Gemini family of models

To support the AI-backed features (which will be mentioned in this article), the company has introduced the version 1.5 revision for the Gemini model. Split into the Flash and Pro model, the former mainly excels at summarisation, chat applications, image and video captioning, data extraction from extensive documents.

The latter model prides itself with following increasingly complex instructions, with improved control over responses for specific use cases like crafting the persona and response style of a chat agent.

Owners of Pixel devices will enjoy upgraded functionality of Gemini Nano, which would expand beyond text inputs – to include images as a search medium.

Supercharge your productivity – Gemini for Workspace apps

Through the Gemini 1.5 Pro lurking in the side panel of Workplace apps, users can now expect answers for a wider variety of questions and provide more insightful responses – which now extends to personal files (i.e. instructing Gemini to summarise the emails from a brand, in your inbox, or comparing key arguments of multiple long research papers).

The abovementioned feature extends to the Gmail mobile app, which also includes suggested responses from Smart Reply and Smart Compose. To start using the features mentioned, explore the plans for Gemini for workspace (business) and Google One AI premium (consumer).

Extracting and sharing crucial memories from your gallery – Ask Photos

Even for compulsive photo organisers, the Ask Photo function will bring emphasis onto the nature of the picture requested (i.e. national parks). Going beyond finding the types of pictures, the algorithm meticulously extracts details from the photograph to deliver a wider range of answers.

Sharing crucial memories will be greatly simplified – the said feature selects the best pictures and generates a personalised social media caption on the user’s behalf.

Simplifying the creative process – Veo

Capable of generating high-quality 1080p resolution videos, Veo is currently available for preview inside VideoFx for select creators. The wide range of cinematics and visual styles included in the software will ease the production of stunning visual content – great for memory keeping or sharing it with someone else.

Gemini-backed Search functionality

As implied, the search functionality now uses Gemini to ease the descriptive process for searches. Simply put, users will receive AI-organised results page with aims to categorise a wide range of search results under clear and concise headlines.

AI assistance now extends to visual searches – where a video can be used to represent an enquiry from the user.

Android-exclusive features

The Android-native features can be split into 3 components – Circle to Search, Gemini on Android, and Talkback. Circle to Search will bring about a simplified way for students to enquire about their homework – by simply circling the exact part for a step-by-step guide to their questions.

Gemini on Android inherits generative AI to ease the creative process for mobile users – the highlighted feature being the ability to conduct searches through an attached YouTube video. Visually impaired users would benefit from clearer descriptions with Talkback.

Availability and Pricing

At the time of this writing, Gemini Pro requires a paid subscription. Subscription models can be broadly divided into the consumer edition (Google One) and corporate edition (Google Workspace).


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